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Kwan-Ann Tan



Kwan Ann Tan is a writer from Malaysia, and an MSt English (650-1550) student at the University of Oxford.

Currently, she is the Editor-at-Large for Malaysia at Asymptote Journal, Poetry Editor at Chestnut Review, a copy editor at Strange Horizons, and a volunteer reader at Ploughshares.

She was also the editor for the 2021 Ghost City Press Summer Series.

For excerpts of her work, find them here.


You can find her on Twitter at @KwanAnnTan or on Instagram at kwanann.tan.

Alternatively, you can contact her via email at [email protected]


Find the complete list here

Joyland Magazine / 'Steamboat'

The Offing / 'Malacca River'

Asymptote Journal / 'From Epic Hero to Modern Bro: On Maria Dahvana Headley's "Beowulf"'

Honey Literary / 'Spit'

Corvid Queen / The Singer & the Storyteller

Crab Fat Magazine / "孤掌难鸣" and "the ballad of the drowned"

Ghost City Press / Lunar Maria

Porridge Magazine / "creation song"

Sepia / 'Life Drawing'

Sine Theta Magazine / 'Dirge of the Hungry Ghosts'

The First Line / "The Last Lonely Song"

The Mays Anthology (Volume 27) / "Muar, 1941"

(forthcoming April 2021) Masters Review / 'Pearl'
(forthcoming June 2021) Pithead Chapel / 'Banana Milk'
(forthcoming July 2021) X-R-A-Y / 'Open Mouthed'