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Kwan Ann Tan



Kwan Ann Tan is a writer from Malaysia, and an MSt English (650-1550) student at the University of Oxford.

Currently, she is the Editor-at-Large for Malaysia at Asymptote Journal, Poetry Editor at Chestnut Review, a copy editor at Strange Horizons, and a volunteer reader at Ploughshares.

You can find her on Twitter at @KwanAnnTan, or contact her via email at [email protected]

For excerpts of her work, find them here.


Find the complete list here

Pithead Chapel / 'Banana Milk'

Masters Review / 'Pearl (c.1200–1400)'

Joyland Magazine / 'Steamboat'

The Offing / 'Malacca River'

Asymptote Journal / 'From Epic Hero to Modern Bro: On Maria Dahvana Headley's "Beowulf"'

Honey Literary / 'Spit'

Corvid Queen / The Singer & the Storyteller

Crab Fat Magazine / "孤掌难鸣" and "the ballad of the drowned"

Ghost City Press / Lunar Maria

Porridge Magazine / "creation song"

Sepia / 'Life Drawing'

Sine Theta Magazine / 'Dirge of the Hungry Ghosts'

The First Line / "The Last Lonely Song"

The Mays Anthology (Volume 27) / "Muar, 1941"

(forthcoming July 2021) X-R-A-Y / 'Open Mouthed'



  • Guest Editor for the Ghost City Press Summer Series

  • Winner of the Richard Hillary Prize (Trinity College, Oxford)

  • Finalist for the David T.K Wong Fellowship

  • Co-founder of the Malaysian Poetry Writing Fortnight

  • Recipient of the Elizabeth Zott Novel-Writing Scholarship at Curtis Brown Creative